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Yunnan has a special geographical and climatic environment, which is also a place where many ethnic groups live in harmony. The long history of culture makes Yunnan cuisine unique from other places. Of course snacks in Yunnan play an important role in local people’s life. Let’s see the famous snacks in Yunnan which you can have a try during your Yunnan travel.



1. Rice Noodles

Yunnan Rice noodles is the most popular food among the local people. Yunnan people also give full play to the way of eating rice noodles, including cold, hot, and fried. The most famous rice noodle is Across Bridge Rice Noodles, which has a history of more than 100 years and was passed to Kunming more than 50 years ago.


2. Er Kuai

Er Kuai  is a local folk snack in Yunnan. It is made of boiled rice and pressed into blocks, usually in the form of round pancakes. The taste is similar to that of rice cake in the north. Er Kuai is usually baked on charcoal fire, and then coated with sauce and vegetable stuffing. The fragrance of rice is matched with the flavor of sauce, which is a delicious food favored by local people.



3. Rushan

Rushan  is a cow’s milk cheese of Yunnan, China. It is traditionally made by the Bai people. It is flat and has a leathery texture, served fried or grilled and rolled up on a stick. The Mandarin name means “milk fan” as it is said to resemble a folding fan.



4. Rose Flower Cake

Rose Flower Cake is a kind of crisp cake with Yunnan’s unique edible rose as filling. It has tender crisp outside and delicious fragrance. It is one of the representatives of Yunnan’s classic snacks. Yunnan’s unique geographical advantages here provide excellent conditions for the growth of edible roses. Edible roses are richer in nutrients than ordinary vegetables and have higher health care value. They taste sweet and bitter, rich in aroma and have the functions of soothing liver and relieving depression, and regulating blood meridians. They are natural green tonic products.



5. Lijiang Baba

Lijiang Baba is the Naxi nationality unique flavor of food, has a long history, the Ming Dynasty ” the travels of Xu Xiake ” that is recorded. It is one of the characteristics of color, smell and taste, its production is the main raw material in Lijiang produced fine wheat flour. Lijiang Baba is divided into salty sweet two kinds, according to their own tastes to arbitrary selection. Its golden color, fragrance, taste crisp and delicious, some add drink butter tea, also have a boundless good flavor.



6. Rice Cooked in Fragrant Bamboo 

Fragrant Bamboo Rice is also called Kaolan in Dai language. This food is especially cooked in bamboo tubes with pleasant smell. When finished cooking, the bamboo membrane inside the bamboo tube will stick to the rice, beating the bamboo tube and cutting it into halves, delicious Fragrant Bamboo Rice is just before your eyes.



7. Jianshui Roasted Tofu

Jianshui Tofu, also named Linan Tofu, is the traditional delicacy in Jianshui County. After the program A Bite of China, a large documentary film in China, Jianshui Roasted Tofu has been renown all over China.



8. Tamarind Cake

Tamarind cake is a unique local snack in Yunnan. This food is mainly made of Yunnan Tropical Rainforest fruit sour horn. It has no additives and tastes very good. Its pure fruit flavor and good taste is suitable for all ages.It’s completely natural and is called the fruit juice that can be chewed.





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