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Love for Wa People

Wa people is a tribe which live in Ximeng, Yunnan, jumped into the socialist society directly from the primitive society, and retain the original leisure lifestyle of childhood. This is a legend and an immortal epic about Wa people. The performance of "Wa Tribe" consists of six parts: Coming from Sigang, Rhyme of Wa Mountain, Soul of Wa Mountain, Beauty of Wa Mountain, Love of Wa Mountain, and Wa People Singing New Songs


 [Opening  Coming from Sigang] 

"Sigang" means stone cave in the language of Wa people. Legends say that in the remote ancient times, before sky apart earth, human and all creatures great and small were sealed in the ancient "Sigang", then a sparrow pecked and opened "Sigang", thus human and all creatures walked out from Sigang. Since then they live here from generation to generation, that's when the "epic" of Wa Tribe started. 


 [Part I  Rhyme of Wa Mountain] 

Awa Mountain, a remote and mystical place, located at the southwest border of China, is the southernmost mountain of the Hengduan Mountain Range. There, majestic mountain ridge holds up the blue sky, lush trees cover the boundless earth, running rivers moisten all things, and the vast cloud sea spark a constant light of inspiration. Awa Mountain, like a poem, a painting, colorful and eye-pleasing with prolonged implication. 


 [Part II  Soul of Wa Mountain] 

Nature and humanities reflecting with each other, unruliness and romance integrating, Wa Mountain is a legendary land, a song and the home where gods live with humans. Every sunrise and sunset is a grand ceremony, and the original life regain consciousness; every high wind is a baptism, and life of all creature pulsate; every pious sacrificial offering is an appreciation to heaven and earth, and the blood vessels of human and nature become unblocked. 


 [Part III  Beauty of Wa Mountain] 

Moon and stars go around here, and cloud and mist float here. You will see the rich fields, the boundless vegetation, the graceful and restrained streams. Each day follows the rule of nature, and life and spirit are shining with bright light. 


 [Part IV  Love of Wa Mountain] 

In Awa Mountain, all creatures live and grow in a free and romantic style. Life is like a green tree, and love is the flower and fruit on the tree. Love song is the language of love, so singing love song is the way that must be taken for Wa people's young boys and girls to get married. Thus, to praise love, singing for love becomes a born romantic feeling of Wa people. 


 [Part V   Wa People Singing New Songs] 

Wa people walk out from the primitive society, and live in this magic and beautiful land. Wa people fear and worship the nature with a fire-like nationality disposition, reflecting the beauty of Wa Mountain, Ximeng; The song "Wa People Singing New Songs" reflects the unrestrained character of people in the construction of Wa Mountain, expressing Wa people's industrious efforts and wisdom, and their firm belief of creating a better life. 

They walk out from the primitive society with the fear and worship to natural deities, and they live in this magic and beautiful land from generation to generation. This is a legend and an immortal epic about Wa people.