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This autumn, touching the stunning scenery of Lugu Lake

Lying in the place where Sichuan and Yunnan meet, Lugu Lake or Xienami in Mosuo language means an ocean or a mother lake.

With an area of 50.8 sq.km, the crystal clear and azure lake is like a glittering gem among mountain ridges in the northwest plateau of Yunnan province.

Among the pictorial and lovely lakes and mountains, there live a group of ancient Moso people who inherit matriarchal characteristics. 

The unique marriage that men and women do not get married, but spend the night together and separate in the morning, natural and simple folk customs make this ancient homeland mysterious and beautiful. It is called magical oriental Kingdom of Females.

Lugu Lake in the golden autumn, the sky is more transparent and azure blue, the lake is also deep blue. Island of various shapes floating on the blue water adorn the quiet and beautiful Lugu Lake. 

Lakeside trees are also dyed golden yellow in the golden autumn and become even more splendid against the blue sky, white clouds and the sparkling lake.