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Yong’e Village- A Must-Go Va Stockade On The Border If You Are On A Trip To Ximeng

Yong’e Village in Masan Village, Mengka Town, Ximeng County, is located at 50 kilometers from Ximeng County to the west. It faces the Longtan Special District of Myanmar and is a border ecological Va village. Standing on the hills of the village, take a deep breath to fresh your lungs in the wind blowing from the Meng Vax of Myanmar. Looking at the endless mountains that are not far away, when the weather is good, you can see the villages in Meng Vax, Myanmar, and also the Burmese people working in the fields. 

The construction of the dwellings in Yong’e Village uses the hanging tiles of the Dai people. The surfaces of the tiles are mottled brown, feeling so rough when you touch them. Just loving this kind of color that has withstood the wind and rain over dozens of years, all presenting the atmosphere of life.

Yong’e Village was built on a slope. Going down the slope, it is a spacious meadow. Crossing the meadow, green hills and green forests present on the opposite. Listen, there is the sound of the flowing water. The air of this season is full of sweet scent of wild fruit floating from the remote mountains. Take a deep breath and collect all the tastes of spring in your lungs. Three women wearing Va costumes are singing songs and rushing the cows to the distance. The long black hair is dancing lightly around their waists. On one side of the meadow, it is the wooden drum house, where the wooden drums are beaten and loud sounds go up to the sky, sending messages to the heaven. Va people living in the remote Nushan Mountain are happy in the rhythm of life.


Sound of the hammer hitting the nail comes from distance. Walking close and looking for the sound, you will see people building a thatched pavilion for a rest and entertainment place of the villagers. The man on the roof is fixing the thatch on the ridge with wire, one layer after another, thick and tight, and it will go through wind and rain for long time in the future. Sweat oozes from their dark skin, then evaporates in the air or drips onto the ground, in a happy atmosphere.

Every year during the Wooden Drum Festival, a festival for original wild fruit and wild vegetables will be held in Yong’e Village, at which visitors can enjoy the original wild fruits, wild vegetables, Va people's homemade liquor and snacks, which are also for sale. You can have an intimate contact with nature by picking up the wild vegetables by yourself in the mountains, and there are also original songs and dances of the Va people for the tourists to watch.