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Slow Life in Zhengdong

Recently, to enjoy a leisurely slow life seems to have become our pursuit.

Maybe you have experienced the romance of Dali, or strolled in the streets of the Lijiang ancient town, but it is very likely that you haven’t seen the beauty of Pu’er frontier.

In such place, you will enjoy not only the beautiful and quaint scenery, but also the quietness without earthly noisy noises, like the stockade – Zhengdong in Jiangcheng County.

Mantan, a little stockade with well-preserved Dai-style bamboo buildings, located in the Jiangcheng Hani and Yi Autonomous County, Pu’er, Yunnan.

Among the scattered high and low Dai-style buildings, you can climb up onto a balcony of a Dai-style house, overlooking the whole village with beautiful scenery.

Just like a Pu Shao (unmarried young Dai girl) with bamboo basket around her waist, you can stroll in the streets and alleys of the stockade, appreciate the beautiful Dai-style bamboo buildings.

Or in a lazy afternoon, you can boil the pale butterflybush flower tea with Bo Tao (local married Dai man), quietly watching the people and vehicles coming and going outside the window.

In the farmland full of wildflowers, you can ask from Bo Tao for a calf, make yourself a shepherd in the early morning or dusk to experience the selfless time while in grazing, which must be very poetic.


A house-building game makes you tired but happy.

Some people say that the Dai-style bamboo building is a big work of building blocks. Let’s go and play with these big building blocks with Bo Tao (local Dai men) and Bo Mi (local Dai women).

Perhaps the good of the world is produced from compromise in contradictions. The good belongs to the past and looks forward to the future.

The tip of every roof is your best background. Each photo reflects a free and easy scenery built by the building builder.

The long queue of builders passing up and down the tiles is passing not only the tiles but also the friendly sentiments to help each other in Dai people since ancient times.


Culture and heritage of Dai people

To integrate into the Dai people’s life, to experience the culture and heritage of Dai people, let’s start from listening to the elders of the stockade talking about the past stories.

If you want to know all aspects of the harmonious coexistence between Dai people and nature, you’d better go with the elders of the stockade for Longlin Sacrifice, with a reverence for nature, and thanks for all the natural rewards.

Or go to a Dai family for housewarming, share their joy, and feel the different traditional customs.

Or walk into a hand weaving workshop, choose a piece of Dai-style silk woven with a beautiful pattern for your lady.

Or dress yourself in bright Dai clothes with lovely floral accessories.


Dance in the bamboo forest like a peacock with the lingering Dai songs.


Dai food with distinctive flavor

Do not miss the delicious Dai food.

Baba made of glutinous rice, moss in the river, small fish grilled on carbon fire, large pots of delicious grass jelly with sour and sweet flavor, and the beef triples with a mixture flavor of sour, sweet, bitter and hot.

Of course, besides the taste of Dai cuisine, do not miss the production and cooking process, beauty with food ... Indeed, Dai girls are pretty enough to feast your eyes.

Or you can play water with Bo Tao and Pu Shao…

Forget all your worries in the smiles and blessings.


Find a quiet and comfortable place.

It would be a good idea to take the leisure time, look for a branch of banyan tree, or sing like the birds in the spring, or tidy the wing plume in front of a mirror.

Rambling quiet time, perhaps that is what we need!


(Article/photo rescourses: Jiangcheng Publish)